BLT Are Approved

Suppliers, Installers & Testers

For Fall Arrest Anchor Bolts to BS EN795.

PPE Safety anchor bolts

Resin anchors Load / Pull test

BLT are approved Suppliers

BLT are installers and testers for PPE fall arrest safety anchor eye bolts to BS EN795: 1997 and BS 7883:2005, Class A1 Anchor devices (safety harness eyebolts) for fall protection.

Only to be installed by a ‘Competent Qualified Installer’.

We are happy to confirm that our staff have successfully undertaken ‘competent installer training’.

Whether you need anchor points in the elevator lobby for fire fighting purposes or for safe window cleaning, we can advise on the correct type of eyebolt and a suitable fixing location.

Each eyebolt assembly is then individually load tested and certified.

Safety harness eyebolts

We provide an internal fixed anchor which can be installed and drilled/fitted to a variety of load bearing building substrates. Safety eyebolts installed must be those specified in the British Standards for optimum safety of personnel and correctly fitted to ensure compliance with current regulations and to prevent injury to the users.

All Height Safe Systems services are quality controlled, commercially competitive and more importantly fully insured.

Resin / Mechanical Anchor Pull Test

BLT are specialists in the tensile load test of concrete/brick resin/mechanically fixed anchors/threaded bar.

Whether the anchors/threaded bar have been installed into a concrete floor or brick work.

BLT engineers are able to test each structural anchor/threaded bar after installation.

Lifting Loop / Anchor Point

BLT are a market leader in the supply, installation, thorough examination and load test of Lifting / Anchor Points.

Wether it's in a concrete roof or on the floor, BLT can accomodate all requirements.